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Bank Heist
Genre: Western
By jwest
 2.96 of 5

Shots rang out as Sam Cobra ran out of the bank, the bag of money under his arm. Sam Cobra was a big guy, broad shoulders and a very tall bank robber.

Today, Sam Cobra decided to knock over the wrong bank. See, Sam Cobra was ready to retire and all he needed was a little money. About 10 thousand dollars ought to do it. So he decided to rob The Citizens State Bank of Westville. Bad idea.

A tough sheriff, by the name of Goode, ran the town of Westville. Sheriff Goode always carried a double barrel shotgun under his trench coat, in case someone decided to commit a crime in his town. Most bad guys would cower when looking down the barrel of a shotgun. And it came in handy that day.

Sam Cobra walked into the bank around three in the afternoon. He was wearing a black trench coat and a black cowboy hat. He walked pass two customers and stepped up to the teller and ordered him to put all the money in the black bag he was holding.

But one of the customers that Sam Cobra had passed was more than just a bank customer. It was Sheriff Goode. So Sheriff Goode immediately pulled his double barrel shotgun from under his trench coat and said, "I don't think so, the Westville bank is not going to be held up today!"

Sam Cobra was surprised, but he used his hardened criminal mind and cat-like reflexes and made a run for the door. Sam Cobra got off one shot from his revolver before exiting the door. Sheriff Goode followed him to the door, but stopping so he could use the doorway as cover. He cocked the hammer back on just one barrel and sent a shotgun blast right at Sam Cobra as he was at the edge of the boardwalk. The blast ripped into Sam Cobra's leg knocking him to the ground. Sheriff Goode was able to arrest Sam Cobra and held him in jail until the federal marshal came to Westville. Robbing banks was a federal crime, so the federal marshal took custody of Sam Cobra and carried him to be tried in the federal court system.

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Published: 2006-10-12 11:43:59

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