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Halloween Ghost Spider
Genre: Horror
By girlone
 2.7 of 5

It was early in the morning on Halloween when Daniel Dobbs woke up. He had planned to wake up early to get ready to scare his older sister. It was Halloween Day. Daniel looked at his clock; it was five o’clock in the morning, and still dark outside. Yawning, he dragged himself out of bed and walked out of his room into the hallway. After checking his parents' room and his older sister's room and found out that they were still asleep.

Daniel quietly went downstairs to the garage and got out the tarantula spider that he had caught the day before. He had put in an old jar and punched holes in the lid. With the spider in his hand, Daniel quietly went back up stairs to the bathroom, placed the spider on the floor, and closed the door. He knew his sister would be the first one in the bathroom. Then he tiptoed past his sister bedroom door to his bedroom. The door to his room was closed. As he opened the door, a cold chilling breeze blew across his face that sent a tingle down his spine. Then there, at the edge of his bed, was a blurry bluish-white figure holding a tarantula spider. Daniel stood motionless, so frightened that his heart began to pound. The ghost was petting the tarantula spider, but in seconds, it was gone. This happened so fast that he was unsure what he had really seen.

Daniel rush back to the bathroom and removed the tarantula spider before his sister had seen it. He told his sister about what he had seen in his room but she just laughed and made fun of him. His best friend at school did not believe him, either. Even though he was not sure what he had seen and no one believed him, he knew that he had seen something. Had he seen a ghost? Now on every Halloween Daniel sleeps downstairs on the couch. He will not enter his room on that haunted day.

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Published: 2006-10-22 05:32:28

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