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Looking for Adventure
Genre: Fiction
By girlone
 2.74 of 5

Andy is a small dark haired boy with dark eyes, who loved adventures. He always asks for books on his birthday, because that is all he ever wants, books that have adventures between the pages. He always said, "I have to have adventures.”

Andy has two close friends, Danny, and Thomas, but Thomas was moving to Arkansas. Andy and his family live in Oklahoma. Andy's parents said they would help Thomas's family move. Andy did not like traveling long distances, but at least Arkansas was not too far away. When it came time for Thomas’s family to move Andy's father had to work overtime, and he was unable to make the trip. Andy's mother would have to drive. This made Andy dread the trip even more because his mother had recently had a car wreck.

After loading two moving vans, Andy realized his mother would have follow behind in her car. Andy wanted an adventure, and his mother insisted on him going, so he called shotgun. His mother answered by saying, "I'm sorry dear, but you should ride in the back seat with your friends Thomas and Danny.” "Snap! Sharon gets to ride in the front." He thought to himself. Sharon was his younger sister. Andy told his friend Danny "This is going to be the biggest adventure of the summer.”

Finally, they reached Arkansas, his mother’s driving seem to be ok. Before reaching Thomas’s new home, they stopped to eat and then drove on up to Thomas's new house. "Wow, this is cool, its mega huge!" Danny said excitedly. “It's the biggest house I’ve ever been in,” said the spirited Sharon. "Wow, this is great.” Andy said. “I'm sure you will find a grand adventure out there,” said the adventurous Andy as he looked out at the tree-covered backyard.

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Published: 2006-10-27 05:36:21

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