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Neighborhood Professor
Genre: Fiction
By teacher
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In one neighborhood there was a creative inventor named Professor Chang-Hang-Lo who invented a robot. The robot was initially designed to mow the Professor’s lawn. Soon he allowed his neighbors to signup and have the robot mow their lawns. The robot was named after Professor Chang-Hang-Lo's son whose was killed several years ago in a lawnmower accident; his name was Moe. Moe required ten hours a night for recharging his battery.

One day, Professor Chang-Hang-Lo decided to create an improved robot. When Moe heard that Professor Chang-Hang-Lo was going to create another robot better than he was, he was happy and sad. Moe was happy that the new robot could be his friend. But, he was also worried that the new robot would take over his work and that would eventually lead to him not being useful.

Moe did not bother to do his job after he had heard about the new robot. So, the neighborhood lawns became overgrown. Many of the neighbors were puzzled, as Moe had not appeared for several weeks. Professor Chang-Hang-Lo questioned Moe as to why he was not doing his work any more.

Moe was waiting to be recharged when Professor Chang-Hang-Lo went into the basement. Therefore, Professor Chang-Hang-Lo decided not to recharge his battery. The next day, Moe was put into storage. After Moe demise, the neighbors blamed Professor Chang-Hang-Lo for stopping Moe’s work. The neighbors had begun to rely on Moe for mowing their yards.

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Published: 2006-10-29 05:37:55

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