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Cavern Hideout
Genre: Western
By jwest
 3.03 of 5

The outlaws rode hard into the opening of the cavern. Dismounting their horses and swatting them, the outlaw’s horses galloped off leaving the outlaws afoot. With saddlebags in hand, the outlaws took cover in the cavern. The heavy saddlebags hung from the outlaw’s hand hovered about an inch from the ground, contained gold. The gold they had just stole from the near-by mining company. This was not the first heist of the mining companies gold. They knew the security detail from the mining company were hot on their trail. Sending their horses on with out the riders would lead the mining companies security detail away from the outlaws and gold. This is how they evaded capture for several years. However, the outlaws knew their method of operation would be figured out eventually. Using the caverns as cover the outlaws would wait for their compadres to arrive with extra horses in a few days. The cavern provided a cool environment for the outlaws. Supplies were left in the cave a couple of days before the heist. With plenty of tortillas, beans and chili to eat, water and whiskey to drink the outlaws relaxed. They had comfortable bedrolls to sleep on at night. The cavern also concealed the fire they built to keep warm. The fire also kept the bats from roosting on the cave roof where the camp was setup. During the days, the outlaws would explorer deeper into the cavern.

Shots came from outside the cave. The outlaws stopped and counted the consecutive shots. Three shots were fired so they knew it was their compadres. Emerging from the cave the outlaws realized their outlaw days were over. Waiting for them were the mining companies security detail and the deputy marshal.

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Published: 2006-10-13 13:35:07

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