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Out of Control Skateboarding
Genre: Fiction
By 0007
 3.05 of 5

One day while I was skateboarding around the block, I tried to slow down as I went down hill, but instead I found myself going faster and faster each time I tried to slow down.

As I rounded the corner there was a tipped over garbage can spilled out everywhere coming up in front of me. I bent my knees a little more in order to maneuver around the trash. Suddenly my skateboard was caring me faster than I had ever gone before.

Then right in front of me a flag hung up by the neighbor’s mailbox was flapping in the wind directly across the sidewalk. I skated right through it knocking it off its post. The man working in the yard screamed, "Watch out!" “Sorry!” I responded. Now I was going even faster than I was just minutes ago.

I looked ahead and saw the busy street coming up very quickly. I was going way to fast to make the next turn. As I reached the last house on the block, I just fell over into the grassy yard. I rolled several feet before coming to a stop with at thud. The large pecan tree had stopped my uncontrollable rolling. After looking at the bruise and scratches on my shoulder, I picked up my skateboard and slowly walked back up the street to my house.

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Published: 2006-10-30 05:38:51

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