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Santa's Last Christmas Visit
Genre: Children's
By teacher
 3.05 of 5

On a cold early December day about two years ago, Santa was watching the weather on his TV. The weatherman said that there would be a mega blizzard covering the entire earth on Christmas this year. Santa became worried, and he forgot to read all of his letters from all the kids. So on Christmas Eve, Santa was rushing through all the letters to see what all the kids were wishing for. There was no time for checking the list twice before his trip began. Therefore, he would have to check the list the second time as he came to each house.

With the combination of having to check his list again at each house and the bad weather the trip was taking twice as long. Finally, Santa reached the last house that he had to deliver presents too. After landing on the roof top Santa realized that the family was already awake. The little girl that lived there was very sad that Santa had not stopped by her house.

So, Santa went to a menís clothing store. He purchased a mail carrierís outfit that had been left over from Halloween. Then he went back to the girlís house wearing his new costume and knocked on the door. When the little girl answered the door he told her that Santa had told him to give this to her. The little girl was so happy she finally got some presents for Christmas.

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Published: 2006-11-01 05:39:48

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