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Unlucky Treasure
Genre: Fiction
By teacher
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It was a usual day for the young man, James Dixon. He had been out of work for a good while. He was just walking up a hill to town to look for a job. All of a sudden, on the side of the path he saw something. Lying next to a rock was a bag of gold coins in it. So, he looked to see if there was some kind of identification on the bag but there was nothing, just a bag full of gold coins.

So, the next mourning as he ate breakfast thinking on what to do with the treasure he had brought home yesterday. Then all of the sudden he jumped out of his chair. Young James said, "I know! I will take a camping trip on a far away island". So, the next day he packed the supplies that he had and went to the store for what he didnít have. He bought some additional camping supplies, food and a ticket for the boat trip to the far away islands. The purchases took almost all of the gold coins. He boarded the ship with excitement.

He spent many hours on the wooden ship. The minute he got off the boat, he hiked around the island. This gave him some ideas of the best place to camp. Finally, he found the ideal camping spot. The first day was horrible, it rained and he got all wet. The next night he was awaken by a panther jumping out of the thick brush at him. He reached for his rifle, but it was out of his reach. He was just to scared to get up and run. Luckily, he just sustained a deep gash in his left arm. This left him with limited use of his left arm. However, he knew living on this island was not for him. So he used the last of the gold coins to purchase a ticket for the next ship home.

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Published: 2006-11-03 05:41:05

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