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Bolden and the 100 Meters
Genre: Sports
By sport
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I watched as Mary Bolden took a deep breath, she stretched and looked down her lane. 100 meters down from where she was you could see a white string that the runners would have to reach. Mary moved up to the starting blocks in her lane. She shuttered and took another deep breath before squatting down into the blocks. She stretched her legs back and then replaced them back into the blocks.

“On your marks,” yelled the starter. She took on more deep breath raised her headed and stared down her lane towards the finish line. “Get set,” the starter continued. Mary set motionless in the blocks. Pop! The starter’s pistol went off. The race had begun.

Mary was the first out of the blocks; she stayed low the first few yards. Her spikes were digging into the track. She gradually rose up as she came up to full speed. Now she was running as fast as she could go, she seemed so relaxed yet so tense. Her arms and legs pumped in unison on down the track. The wind seemed to flow right past her as she came closer to the finish line. This girl was several yards ahead of everyone else. No on was challenging her but she continued to run harder.

Mary pushed through the finish line in first place. She began to shut it down. Turning around with her hands on her hips and her head held up high. She took a few deep breaths and then a huge smile appeared on her face. She was pleased with her time.

She walked over to her teammates, smiling. They were congratulating her and you could tell she was feeling good about the first place finish. People from other schools were congratulating her. No one could doubt her speed.

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Published: 2006-11-05 05:43:09

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