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Sojourner Truth
Genre: Biography
By encyclo
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Sojourner Truth was born in 1797 in Hurley, New York. When she was born, her parents named her Isabella Dumont. She never knew any of her brothers or sisters because they were sold to other farmers. While she was growing up U.S. government passed a law stating that all slaves who were born before a certain year and time were to be set free in seven years. But any slave who was born after that year could only be set free when they had served a total of twenty-eight years for their masters or owner. Since she had been born before the time she would be set free in seven years. After seven year’s she became free. The only education she received was from a Quaker family. They taught her in their own home. She was a very fast learner and since she didn't have a place to stay, they allowed her to stay with them. She cooked, washed clothes, washed dishes, and cleaned for her room and board. She helped Frederick Douglass with his never ending struggle to end slavery. While she was doing this, her first slave owner let all of his slaves go and he joined the fight to end slavery. They encouraged a whole lot of farmers to let their slaves go and help encourage a lot more farmers to do the same. She also fought for women’s rights. Being a woman made it extremely difficult to fight to get women's rights to be equal to the rights of men.

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Published: 2007-06-21 05:38:57

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