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Helping Others
Genre: Fiction
By girlone
 2.82 of 5

Ever since the summer had begun, Steve wished for a new bike. So, he would get up early in the morning and search the neighborhood for yard work. He worked very hard for about a month before he had earned enough for the bicycle. The next morning he walked to Peyton’s Bike Store where he was going to purchase a new bike. A pregnant woman was leaning against a car that was parked along the street. He watched, as she would ask anybody that walked past her for help. Between deep breaths, she would say, “Please help me! I need to get to the hospital!” Steve could see the sweat on her forehead.

Steve was unsure what to do to help her. So, he walked as fast as he could to get pasted her. Then he stopped and looked back at her puzzled as what to do, but then continued walking towards the bike store. He decided to go on to the bike store and pick up the bike that he had worked so hard for. What was he supposed to do? He did not have any way to help the woman get to the hospital.

Steve reached the bike store and went inside. He headed straight to the bike that he wanted. As he looked at the bike, he could not get the pregnant woman out of his head. He decided that the pregnant woman needed help more than he needed a new bike. So, he ran out of the bike store and down the sidewalk to where she was. Steve stopped a taxicab. Then he helped the woman into the taxi.

Steve handed the cab driver thirty dollars as he gave instruction to take the woman to the nearest hospital. The woman continuously thanked Steve until he closed the taxi door. He stood for a moment and watched the taxicab drive off. Then he walked back home. He was proud of himself for helping the woman. Steve never thought about the bike that he had want again.

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Published: 2006-11-06 16:49:32

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