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The Yonderson Affair
Genre: Realistic Fiction
By 0007
 2.71 of 5

The mob is hired by Jackson to go to Yonderson to rescue Jackson's uncle from The Bandito, who is intent on taking control of Yonderson.

Because the hitman is afraid to fly they hit him over the head and the mob flies them to Yonderson. They arrive and go into the nearest a mechine shop where they get into a fight after asking about the client's uncle. They are overwhelmed by twenty or thirty really though mechanics.

The little town of Yonderson is living in terror of The Bandito and the accompanying band of thugs. Scott convinces the people to let them go by saying, "You want to get rid of those thugs."

Jackson comes up with a plan. He has the hitman turn parts and a big club into a deadly weapon. Pete pretends to be the FBI, but The Bandito catches on and tries to kill Pete. Greg rescues Pete at the last second. Then Jackson goes in the front door with their deadly weapon. They manage to defeat all the thugs.

The Bandito holds a gun to Jackson's uncle's head and escapes using a dirt bike as transportation. The mob pursues them. Greg shoots out the side window. When The Bandito slows down to take a turn Jackson's uncle jumps out and is helped up by Scott. Pete throws explosives, causing the deadly fly to crash and flip over. The Bandito climbs out unharmed. Pete says "That should discourage any future activities from them." The mob leaves The Bandito tied up for the authorities.

And in the small town in Yonderson there is much rejoicing. In order to get the hitman to fly home though the mob has to hit him over the head again.

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Published: 2007-07-06 10:00:20

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 raussywatcher says:  um...maybe you should add some suspense and a little mystery.maybe that could keep your readers goin
 wynn says:  maybe you should add some replicas br
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