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Genre: Sci-fi
By spaceman
 3.26 of 5

The only way to introduce you to this ship properly is by letting you meet the captain of the crew of complement. There is no way I can let you not see the weapons bay. This ship is fitted with state-of-the-art cannon X2. The Hemi-9Z engines maximum speed is 100mph. The exploration ship GLAX-27 is a true space worthy ship.

Your ship's mission is to charge up your cannon X2 and go maximum speed to enemy territory to get complement of your crew killed. Since this is a exploration ship, I will give you more ammo for your cannon X2 so the ship will have more inflammable materials in it. Remember, this is the GLAX-27 and we don't like those enemies. Go get them soldier.

Battle stats for the GLAX-27 ship are as follows. The GLAX-27 came into enemy territory at 16:00. They fired their cannon X2 and the enemy took heavy damage to their engines. The enemy powered up their cannon X2 and blasted the GLAX-27's engines out. The GLAX-27 started venting engine fuel. The enemy opened up fire a second time and killed most of the complement's crew. They opened up fire again and blew the GLAX-27 out of the sky.

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Published: 2007-07-17 10:14:57

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