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Fair Ground Rabbits
Genre: General
By girlone
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The day I brought my solid white rabbit Powder Puff to the Fair Ground I looked at her for the last time before I would see her again in a couple of days. Powder Puff was afraid, I held her tight in my arms. The crowd chatted and was amazed at all the other cute rabbits. A woman lifted Powder Puff from my arms and put her into the cage. A small group of people went strait to her. Powder Puff laid down ignoring the group that studied her. "Will she be alright?" I asked my dad. "Yes," he replied as we walked away leaving her behind.

I could not get any sleep that night, thinking about my favorite rabbit. She was alone in the dark barn at the Fair Grounds. The next morning I almost fell asleep at breakfast. "You wake up, you have to feed the rabbits!" yelled my mom. I put on my coat dragging my feet out to the barn. I fed and watered all the rabbits. Finally, the evening came when the judging was completed and we would see if our rabbit had won the grand prize.

As I entered the barn, the judge announced that Powder Puff had won the grand prize for rabbits. Nevertheless, Powder Puff would not care. I almost screamed as I saw that Powder Puff was not in her cage where we had left her. I ran to the front desk and asked, "Where is Powder Puff?" The woman pointed to a cage near her and said, "The champions are over there, Powder Puff won the Grand Prize, here’s your trophy." The woman handed me a large trophy and a big blue ribbon. Powder Puff and me were both champions. However, Powder Puff was just glad to be going back home.

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Published: 2006-11-08 15:33:56

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