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Day at the Cabin
Genre: Mystery
By tede
 2.5 of 5

It was a cloudy mourning about a month ago in an old cabin in the hills. I was looking around outside when I realized that there was a bad smell somewhere. You have probably had that experience before. I felt a cold chill, and I knew that soon I would have to do something about it. My friend Brent had stopped me at school the previous day, and told me all about Chris's problem with the stray dog that was acting strangely, and I was a little worried about what would happen. Then, all of a sudden, I saw behind a tree what I realized was a snarling wolf, and right then I knew I was in trouble! I remembered what my grandfather had told me about a situation like this. It was very important that I not panic. Very calmly, I spoke a few quiet words to myself and waved my arms in the air. Before I knew it, it was over, and I knew I had done the right thing. So you see, I really got a good scare, and I decided I had to tell you all about it.

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Published: 2007-07-21 10:21:38

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 idasanka says:  mold damage i l love it!
 yeoyeo says:  
 yeoyeo says:  elderly careThe way you always know when someon
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