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Followed Home
Genre: Horror
By girl5
 2.75 of 5

One day a little girl went to a friend's house down the street. It was getting dark so the girl decided she had better to go home so her mother wouldn't worry. Her mother constantly worried about what could happen to her. The little girl had waited a bit to long before leaving, because it was starting to get dark as she stepped out of her friends front door. As she was crossing the street, she heard something behind her in the distance, a commotion like something coming toward her.

She looked behind down the street nothing was there! She started walking a little faster than normal. So did the thing that was following her. Again, she looked back to the dark lot she had just passed. Still she didn't see anything behind her! Suddenly she started running frantically down the sidewalk. The thing following her started running too but this time she was not about to look back.

As she ran across her yard toward her house, the front door started opening. It was a relief to see her mother standing in the doorway of her house. As she started in the house, the girl nervously looked back one last time. There running across the front yard was the family cat. The little girl's solid black cat had followed her back home.

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Published: 2007-07-23 07:35:29

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