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Fingerprint Detective - Lost Keys
Genre: Mystery
By detective
 2.86 of 5

Have you ever lost something? The other day John was cleaning up the floor in the cafeteria after spilling his milk. "Carl, will you hold my keys?" John asked his friend. Carl reached out and took the keys from John and shoved them into his coat pocket.

At the end of the school day John remembered he had forgotten to get his keys back from Carl. John ran out the door of the school yelling at Carl. Just in time, because Carl was getting into his mothers car. "Hey man I forgot to get my keys back." John said. Carl reached into his coat pocket. "Your keys aren't in my pocket where I put them," Carl nervously explained. "I must have lost them," continued Carl. "It's to cold to wait outside my house until my mother gets home," John said.

Carl's mother drove John to his house and was waiting with him until John's mother got home. John and Carl eventually got bored just sitting there in the car. The two boys climbed out of the car and went to play with John's dog in the backyard. After playing for about 30 minutes John started complaining about his hands being cold. "Just put your hands in your coat pocket for a few minutes." Carl told John because he was not ready to go sit in the car. "That won't help because there's a hole in my coat pocket," Carl answered. "What? So, that's how you lost my keys." John said. "No the hole doesn't go completely through," Carl answered. "So my keys are probably in the lining of your coat," John stated.

The two boys found the keys in the back of Carl's coat. "We solved the mystery!" John said as a matter of fact. After fishing them out through the hole in the coat pocket, John and Carl went inside the house. Carl and his mother were driving off just as John's mother was arriving.

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Published: 2007-07-27 07:49:01

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 idasanka says:  mold damageWhat a great idea!
 yeoyeo says:  elderly careHanging out with you is always fun.
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