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Oklahoma Tornado
Genre: General
By 0007
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It was windy outside the northeast corner of Oklahoma. A tornado cleared a path across the fields of Farmer Brown. Him and his family ran from the their two-story wooden house across the backyard and down to the cellar. Their little dog, Spot, ran behind trying to keep up. After lifting up the cellar door, they made their way down the cold stairs and into the bottom of the dark and damp cellar. The light from a flashlight flickered as Farmer Brown’s wife lit the kerosene lamp. The family sat on the floor with their legs crossed and listened for the weather to calm down.

About an hour later Farmer Brown looked out from the cellar door. The tornado had blown the wooden two-story house down. There was nothing left standing of the large house. The entire family emerged from the cellar and look around in shock. There was splintered wood scattered everywhere. Spot stood at a pile of twisted lumber looking confused. Spot ran from one end of the farm to the other, looking for the house. She could not find it and eventually tired and gave up on the search.

Farmer Brown’s family stayed at his brothers, who lived down the road. This was temporary while the Brown family started putting their lives back together. After about three months, a new house was completed and they began to move in. Finally, they began to feel like their lives were back in order.

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Published: 2006-11-09 15:35:55

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