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Stolen Cowboys and Indians
Genre: Fiction
By wats
 3.14 of 5

The young boy first turned his head to the left and then quickly to the right. No one appeared to be watching him. Therefore, without hesitation he stuffed the small package of plastic Cowboys and Indians into his coat pocket. Scurrying out the department store door, he knew it was wrong to steal the toys. He paused and considered returning them but he would have been embarrassed so he continued on home.

As he entered his bedroom, he pulled the Cowboys and Indians from his pocket. He knew he could not play with them in front of his mother or she would question him about them. So he opened the package and looked them over. Then he stuffed them back into the package and shoved it under his bed.

The next mourning he was awoken by a sharp pain on his nose as if someone had stuck him with a needle. He rubbed his nose and lay there on his side when he noticed something moving at the edge of his bed. Then a small Indian raise up over the edge of the bed and fired an arrow from it tiny bow. The same sharp pain occurred but this time on his chin. The plastic Indian was shooting him with arrows. He laid there in surprise while the Indian loaded another arrow into the bow. The boy quickly thumped the Indian off the bed. Looking over the edge of the bed the small caught a glimpse of the Indian running under the bed. The boy grabbed a flashlight from the bed headboard. Then he slowing leaned over the edge of the bed and shined the flashlight under the bed. He could not believe his eyes, there was a raging battle occurring under the bed. The Cowboys and Indians were deep in a old western shootout.

The boy quickly gathered up each of the toys and put them back into the bag. The boy then snuck them back into the department store. On his way, back home the young boy promised himself never to steal anything.

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Published: 2007-07-31 08:03:18

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