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Tour the Manufacturing Plant
Genre: General
By tede
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It's different than I had imagined. It was not at all like the sprawling, clanging, assembly line serviced by a swarm of ant-like creatures. Nor was it the model of automation in a sterile, vacuous, soulless environment. The plant was in fact a compact, efficient and clearly an intelligent blending of technology and human skill. We view the workings from a platform highup. After we finished walking across the platform we entered an office area. We entered the corridor maze of offices. Our guide slows, looks momentarily confused. Not a good sign. Just as I started to reach for my survival pouch, a friendly native emerges and gets us back on the right path. Our next stop is the break room where we get free drinks and snacks. I leave the plant heaped with goodies; tote bag, pens, notepads, buttons and assorted marketing gadgets.

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Published: 2007-08-02 08:09:17

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