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Dark Figure
Genre: Horror
By avac
 2.71 of 5

One late night after playing in the park, I began to walk home. I tried to be calm and content about walking home by myself. The streets were quieter than usual thanks to the damp night air. I shall never forget this night. I tried to think about things that I liked in order to keep my mind from wandering.

Then I start to picture midnight goblins in my head. They laugh when I try to push them from my mind and into the darkness. A dark figure is standing close to me. It moves in unison with every move I make. I am terrified because I can see the figure with my eyes. It's not in my mind. I try to escape from the figure with quick movements but it is still there. The figure holds firm with everything I do.

As I walk closer to the streetlight, the figure starts to disappear. In my mind, I start trying to figure out what is happening. Suddenly, I stopped beside the light post. Standing under the streetlight the figure had vanished. I begin to laugh at my own foolishness and returned to a state of calmness. The streetlight had saved me from my own shadow.

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Published: 2007-08-08 08:23:34

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