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Navy Seals Recon
Genre: Fiction
By jarhead
 3.16 of 5

On a battle cruiser the Navy Seals were being sent on a mission. After being lowered down the side of the ship the Seal Team set off in the rubber dingy. In the cover of darkness they stopped the boat just out of sight of the coast. Five the six team members quietly slipped out of the boat and into the sea.

Using their rebreathers they approached the beach without making any noise. They swam to a group of rocks that were close to the edge of the sea and stashed the diving equipment in the rocks.

The Seals then move inland to the outer area of a village near the coast. Locating an area that would provide them with cover and also be able to perform the surveillance on the village leaders home they began to setup the communications equipment. One team member scaled up a nearby tree and watched from there. All was quite that night so just before dawn the Seals gathered up all their equipment and headed back to the battle cruiser.

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Published: 2007-08-12 08:30:45

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