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Bull Ride
Genre: Western
By jwest
 2.93 of 5

The cowboy climbed to the top of the fence and dropped down onto the bull. Immediately the bull started to buck. The gate was opened. The bull twisted out of the shoot. The cowboy slid off to one side of the bull, but hung on. Jumping straight up following by the kicking of the hind legs the bull caused both of the cowboy's legs to slid to one side. Now just hanging on by one hand the cowboy used his right hand to pull the rope loose from his left hand. He fell straight down the side of the bull. Landing on the ground just in front of the bulls rear hooves. The bull twisted and turned one more time narrowly missing the cowboy. The slightly bruised cowboy picked himself of the rodeo grounds and dusted his pants off with his cowboy hat before climbing back onto the fence.

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Published: 2007-08-13 08:32:29

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