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Green Beret's First Contact
Genre: Historical Fiction
By jarhead
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The secret flight deep into the mountains of Afghanistan was long but the three Green Berets were running on adrenalin. In the cover of darkness they jumped out of the cargo plane and into the unknown. It was a rough landing on the side of the mountainous region.

Each Green Beret survived the parachute jump only because of the enormous amount of special forces training they had received. After burying their parachutes they moved out toward the west. The GPS navigation systems they used helped keep them on course. As force multipliers they were looking to make contact with the Northern Alliance. This group had be fighting the Taliban government of Afghanistan for years.

There was not guarantee that they would make contact with the Northern Alliance as apposed to the Taliban. When they did encounter indigenous people they would have to rely on their training to help determine what group they were from. Based on the CIA intelligence they had several names of Northern Alliance Generals.

The Green Beret's could hear voices in the distance, so they hiked up to the top of a hill. The surveillance of the indigenous people below was a clear indication of Northern Alliance troops. So two of the soldiers stripped off all their gear and removed all visible weapons.

With a slow and deliberate path they approached the indigenous soldiers below. The other soldier stayed upon the hill to provide cover in case something went wrong. After several minutes of searching the two Green Berets the Northern Alliance soldiers sent word to their general. The Green Beret were able to speak in the Northern Alliance soldiers native language. Luckily the generals name was one of the names given to the Green Berets by the CIA.

The contact was a success so the third Green Beret joined the other two in the generals quarters for some green tea. This first contact lead to both sides working together while overthrowing the Taliban government of Afghanistan.

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Published: 2007-08-15 08:37:59

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