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Genre: Western
By jwest
 3.09 of 5

Goree was a small town in the bad lands of North Dakota. Three not so good guys sat just out side of town plotting a robbery. The leader of the gang was known as Smiley Sims. Gunny Garret, a well-known bank robber was also in the gang. The final member of the gang was a card shark called Jack Black. Finally, the bad guys decided to rob the General Store because it seamed to be an easy target.

The night watchman set off a siren from his car as Smiley Sims and Gunny Garret fired their guns. The night watchman fell to the ground. Several townspeople rushed over to see if he was still alive. He had been hit in the shoulder it was not life threatening. The shootout went on for hours. Two of the town’s deputies were shot in the exchange of bullets; all of them were still alive. As the sun began to rise, Gunny Garret had taken a bullet to the leg. He crawled to the back of the store where he tried to hide behind the garbage. Smiley Sims retreated leaving Gunny Garret there to be caught.

After several weeks had past, everyone had recovered from their injuries, including Gunny Garret who was still sitting in jail. Smiley Sims had come up with a plan to rescue Gunny Garret from jail.

Early in the morning, before the sun rose, Jack Black threw a rock into a bank window, which set off the alarm. The sheriff and the deputies arrived just in time to see Jack Black leaving the scene. Meanwhile, at the jailhouse Smiley Sims was busy breaking Gunny Garret out of his cell. They ran for the back door barely getting away. When the sheriff returned to the jail, he discovered Gunny Garret was gone. The sheriff vowed to hunt Gunny Garret down and put him back in jail.

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Published: 2006-11-11 15:41:59

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