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Legend of Old Spanish Treasure Cave
Genre: Historical Fiction
By boy2
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The legend of the Old Spanish Treasure Cave began over 350 years ago. Today the cavern is located in the Ozarks of Arkansas. The Old Spanish Treasure Cave legend begins with its discovery by Spanish Conquistadors. It is commonly believed that the Spaniards buried an enormous treasure deep within the cavern.

Some artifact found in and around the Old Spanish Treasure Cave is proof that Spanish Conquistador Soldiers had stayed in the area. Spanish era weapons, helmets, pieces of armor and even several gold coins have been found. The Conquistadors probably covered up the entrance to the cave after burying their treasure.

Around 1885 a Spaniard rediscovered the cavern. It is reported that the Spaniard didn't stay long. Could he have recovered the treasure and left with it? Most likely not, it would have been a difficult job for just one man. There were several failed attempts to locate the treasure before the cavern was opened to tourist in the 1930's. The treasure hunt continues today as new chambers are explored deep inside the cavern.

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Published: 2007-08-19 12:57:19

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