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Oh No Essay
Genre: Fiction
By avac
 2.27 of 5

Dave was daydreaming in the middle of his junior high class. Dave loved sports but hated school. He felt trapped just sitting there in the classroom. When all of a sudden his teacher said, "Dave, have you been paying attention to what I've been trying to teach you?" she said. "Ah well maybe some?" Dave mumbled. "Well then, you and the rest of the class will have no trouble writing an essay for tomorrow". His teacher started walking away. "That would mean you have to read a book Dave. There's a first time for everything. Ok class lets all go to the library."

Dave wasn't sure what book to pick. So he just looked at the covers and picked a book with a baseball player on it. Since he liked sports and the book wasn't as thick as the others on the shelf.

When Dave got home, he lay on his bed and slowly cracked opened the book. It was about Reggie Jackson. He started reading and all of a sudden, he could vision himself running out on the baseball diamond. "Wow!" he yelled. He snapped the book shut and ripped open his notebook and starting writing really fast. He wrote about Reggie Jackson's years playing baseball with the New York Yankees and the reason Reggie Jackson is known as "Mr. October".

The next mourning Dave proudly walked into his classroom. As he passed the teachers desk he laid his homework down. "Dave, it looks like your essay is several pages long and it is neat looking. I'm impressed," his teacher commented. "I found something that I like," Dave replied. Dave sat down in his desk as his teacher just stood there with a proud grin on her face.

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Published: 2007-08-25 13:26:20

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