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Good Findings
Genre: Fiction
By missyw
 2.23 of 5

We had just moved into an old house deep in the southern parts of the United States. My mother sent me to the basement to clean out some of the junk left by the previous owner. I worked several hours before I noticed a folded piece of paper tucked between two boards on the ceiling. I pulled the paper down and started to read the note. The note contained directions to places inside our house. I showed it to my father and we began to follow the directions. We ended up facing the wall just below the stair case.

After several minutes trying to put the last clue together; it finally came to us. So we tore a hole in the wall revealing a small room under the stair case. At first the room looked empty then we spotted a small bag. The bag was filled with a few gold nuggets. At the bottom of the bag was another note that read "The person who finds my gold must use it to the good of others."

So we exchanged the gold for cash and donated it.

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Published: 2007-08-29 13:33:20

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