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Bermuda Triangle Vacation
Genre: Mystery
By missyw
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Ella and her parents were spending a couple of months vacationing in the Caribbean on the yacht. One calm and clear night, Ella asked her mother and dad, "Can we sail on to Bermuda?" Her parents shuddered at the thought but eventually decide to go on to Bermuda.

The next day, Ella and her parents sailed toward Bermuda. Right through the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. Some say when they were about halfway there the weather turned ugly and their yacht went down in a swirling magnetic pool. The yacht Ella's parents would never be seen again.

As for Ella, she was found a few days later on an uncharted island. After Ella was rescued, the island would never be seen again. Some say the Bermuda Triangle released Ella via a temporary island. Others think it was just pure magic. Yet others believe the girl rescued from the island was not Ella and no one survived the yacht trip into the Bermuda Triangle. Even so, the island is referred to as Ella Island. Ella lived out her life with her aunt and uncle, but she never forgot the horror of the Bermuda Triangle.

As for Ella's parents, they were never seen again. However, some say that other ships passing through the middle of the Bermuda Triangle on calm and clear night have spotted a mysterious yacht. In addition, calls from the two people on the mysterious yacht are heard. " Ella! Ella! Where are you Ella?"

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Published: 2007-08-31 13:50:27

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