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Freezing Cold Journey
Genre: Adventure
By sanford
 2.59 of 5

Magus stood on the ships top deck and watched as the ship left the port in Kerlingarskard, Iceland. It was a freezing morning and he had to go to his empty cabin to stay warm. Last month Magus's parents became ill and died. So, he had to cross the Denmark Strait go to Reykjavik, Iceland to live with his grandparents. They had sent him the money so he could come by boat.

In the middle of the first night Magus heard a loud scrapping noise. The ship had hit an iceberg! He quickly rushed to the top deck. The ship was sinking fast. Magus followed the orders from the ships crew and climbed into a small life raft. His face was gripped with fear as the life raft was lowered into the ocean. He could hear the groaning noises as the ship sank into the sea. At dawn a rescue vessel picked them up and ferried them on to Reykjavik, Iceland. There his grandparents were waiting for him. Magus shook as he told them about his freezing cold journey.

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Published: 2007-09-08 05:49:49

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