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Big Wolf Little Rabbit - Fable
Genre: General
By avac
 2.53 of 5

One day a little rabbit was hopping through the forest, when it came upon a big wolf. The big wolf approached the little rabbit with a hungry look on its face. "You will make a taste meal," the big wolf said to the little rabbit. The was surprised and replied, "Please don't eat me! Because some day I will save you." Laughing the big wolf said, "You save me? Ha-ha-ha. You are a silly little rabbit. I will let you go. But I will never need you to save me."

The next day the little rabbit was again hopping through the forest, when it came up the same big wolf. This time the big wolf was caught in a snare. The little rabbit approached the big wolf and loosened the snare. After being freed the big wolf thanked the little rabbit and quickly disappeared deep into the forest.

The moral of the story is that little things can help big things!

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Published: 2007-09-25 16:01:44

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