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Snowy Times
Genre: Fiction
By kid1
 2.65 of 5

Three days into the month of December, the temperature was very cold outside. The children played outside in the snow. In their brightly colored snowsuits and boots, the children dashed across the snow-covered landscape.

They had tons of snowball fights. They made snowmen of themselves and ate icicles they got from their swing set. Their little faces turned rosy red from the cold air. Their mother called them inside to have a warm lunch. The children could not believe they had been playing in the snow all mourning.

As they entered the backdoor and removed their boots and snowsuits, the smell of lunch cooking in the kitchen made the kids realize how hungry they were. While eating lunch at the table and looking out the ice covered windows at the snow still falling from the sky, they could hardly control their excitement thinking about their next adventure.

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Published: 2006-11-15 19:35:57

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