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Teacher Under My Bed
Genre: Horror
By girlone
 2.35 of 5

My science teacher is under my bed! It all started last Friday when my teacher told us that there would be a major science test on Monday. So when school was out I ran to her car and asked "Mom, I've got this major science test next Monday. Can you help me study for it?" "Of course I can." she replied.

Several times over the weekend my mom helped me study. After studying so hard on Saturday she thought it would be nice to do an experiment to help me understand some of the concepts. Late Sunday evening we started the experiment. Boom! Something went wrong, really wrong a small explosion a piece of the matter out of the beaker and onto the floor. The matter quickly hardened and rolled under my bed. "I'm so tired. I'll clean that up later," I told my mom. "Ok you need to get some sleep," she replied. I took my bath, brushed my teeth and went to bed.

At midnight that night, a boom coming from under my bed had awoken me! Nervously I leaned over the edge of my bed and looked under it. There I saw my science teacher moaning, "STUDY! STUDY! STUDY!" I screamed. The next thing I knew my mom was standing in the doorway of my room asking, "Are you alright?" "Just a bad dream", I said.

Monday morning during science I could not look at my science teacher because all would thing about is the dream. After all that I did pass my science test. But hoped that my science teacher would stop appearing under by bed!

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Published: 2007-09-27 16:05:21

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