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Scuba Scott Mystery
Genre: Mystery
By boy2
 2.71 of 5

One warm summer day my mom took my friends and me to the store. We all want the same toy. Scuba Scott could swim under water by himself. When we returned home my friends who live next door went home. I went straight to my room and started playing with my new toy. My mother called for me to come to lunch so I left Scuba Scott on my dresser.

Fifteen minutes later, I came back into my bedroom. Scuba Scott was gone! I ran and told my mom. We looked everywhere but couldn't find Scuba Scott anywhere. I looked behind the dresser, around the bed, in the closet and in the toy box but Scuba Scott was nowhere to be found.

Then I went next door to my friend's house. They had purchased Scuba Scott also and theirs was gone to. Then we searched all around their house. Then I looked out their bedroom window towards the pool. There was three Scuba Scotts swimming in the pool.

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Published: 2007-10-01 16:12:50

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