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Halloween Humor
Genre: Humor
By boy2
 2.58 of 5

The cool breeze whistled through the night as Jack cautiously walked home after trick-or-treating. Jack was very nervous about having to walk past the graveyard. But it was the quickest way home and his mother would be mad at him if he got home late. Jack slowed down as he approached the graveyard and then gradually sped up as he walked past it. Every thing was quite and Jack started to breath at a normal pace as he got closer to the end of the graveyard. Then he noticed a freshly dug grave in the last plot. Jack would have to walk directly by it! As he got closer to the grave he began to hear a bumping noise. The dirt on top of the grave started to move. Jack began to run. Passing by the grave a coffin popped out from the grave. The coffin was chasing him. Jack continued to run towards him home, only looking back every so often to see the coffin chasing after him. He reached his house and ran in the coffin continued to follow him. Jack ran up the stairs and into the bathroom. The coffin started banging on the bathroom door. Jack looked around to find something to defend himself with. There beside the sink was a bottle of cough syrup. Jack grabbed the bottle of cough syrup, opened the bathroom door and threw the bottle of cough syrup. Then the coffin stopped.

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Published: 2007-10-07 16:41:25

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