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Vampire on Halloween Night Joke
Genre: Humor
By jene
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One day a bat flew into my house and turned back to a vampire! It was on October 31st, a Saturday night when I saw him. I though at first it was my little brother dressed up in his costume. So I told him, "Stop it!" But it wasn't my brother. I ran out of the house and over to my friend Toni's house. The vampire turned into a bat and flew after me! Toni did not want the vampire in her house, so I left. I went across the street to my friend Miranda's house but Miranda didn't want the vampire in her house either! I finally went to my friend Ann's house. Ann did not want the vampire in her house either! "Why doesn't anybody want the vampire in their house?" I asked. Ann responded, "Because they are a pain in the neck."

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Published: 2007-10-26 18:56:25

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