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Camping Trip of '75
Genre: General
By sport
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In the summer of 1975, my family packed our camper and went camping for a week at Horse Shoe Lake in Arkansas.

My family loves fishing and went fishing every day that we were there. My father rented us a flat bottom boat with a small motor attached at the back. One day my dad and me spent several hours fishing from the boat on the other side of the lake. When we returned to shore, I proudly stood in the front of the boat and held the string of fish we had caught while my mother took a picture with her small black camera.

We also like to ride horses and went a couple of times to a local Dude Ranch. At the ranch, we had to wait our turn. Finally, we choose and mounted our horses and began our adventure down the trail. We rode over a hill stopping for a short time along side a river. The horse I was on went up the side of a small hill into some brush to eat grass. The hungry horse just ignored me until the other horses started back down the trail. Along the river, we crossed paths with other people riding horses.

Then we went back to our camper and grilled hotdogs on a campfire. My family often competes at who can spot wildlife first, which is usually deer. In the middle of one night, we heard a bear! Another night my father woke me and shined a flashlight out the camper door to reveal some raccoons rummaging through our trash. It is so much fun to go on a camping trip.

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Published: 2006-11-19 19:44:34

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