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Defending Pusan
Genre: Historical Fiction
By historian
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While on patrol along the 38th parallel, an army recon team came walking up the torturous trail that leads out of the jungle. The entire team had cuts from trekking through the dense Korean jungle. One of the troops informed me that the North Korean army was on its way to the southern Korean port city of Pusan. That sent a jolt of fear up my spine. This was probably a full division. We would be out numbered four to one. But, it was my duty as Captain was to defend Pusan from a North Korean Army attack. So, I gathered up all the soldiers and civilians who could fire a weapon and set out to protect our outpost, located north of Pusan, from the advancing North Korean Army.

The recon team had filled me in about the terrain between the advancing North Korean Army and the outpost. We decided to advance and meet the enemy. Hoping this tactic would give us the element of surprise. First, we cross a river, filled with poisonous snakes and leaches. After that, we humped through a densely covered jungle. Then, we came to an open area. We stopped to send a recon team out to scout the area when the North Korean Army came out into the open area. After the initial surprise all our soldiers were ordered to spread out. Once I felt like the entire enemy division was out in the open, we opened fire. The small arms fire and mortars eventually quieted down. The battle had lasted for several hours. The open area was now littered with the dead bodies of the unfortunate. We held our ground for the night just to make sure there were no more North Korean soldiers coming.

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Published: 2007-11-11 18:56:54

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