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Thanksgiving During the Depression
Genre: Historical Fiction
By historian
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It was in the 1920's, the Depression made life difficult for everyone. Janice wondered about how her family was going to celebrate Thanksgiving. She tried to think of something to be thankful for in this difficult time. Janice wasn't even sure they would have something to eat.

When Thanksgiving Day arrived Janice decided to just stay in bed because she had nothing to be thankful for. Janice's mother came into her room that she shared with the sister and told them about the rabbit that their dad had shot. They would have food for Thanksgiving Day.

Janice's family gathered around the small kitchen table for their Thanksgiving meal. After thanking the Lord for the food, Janice's mother started talking about when the Pilgrims first came to America. The entire family shared their own ideas about how they thought the first Thanksgiving Day went.

That night Janice's started to think about how much she enjoyed the time they spent talking at the table. She began to realize that there was more to be thankful for than she originally thought. As she prayed that night she thanked the Lord for her family.

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Published: 2007-11-15 13:37:52

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