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Football Practice
Genre: Sports
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"Catch the ball! Stop fumbling! Don't be off sides," said the coach. "I still do not see why this team can not play like I taught them," the coach continued.

"Coach, the scrimmage is over," said the starting quarterback. "I will talk to you at football practice," said the coach. "See you tomorrow team," said the coach. "He is frustrated," said the assistant coach.

Most of the team did not know they were going play another team in today’s practice. So, a lot of them were late. When they got there, the game had already started and the other team was winning. The defense was trying to stop the other team from scoring another touchdown, but it was hard with only seven players on the field. The boys ran up to the coach.

The coach asked, "Where were you?" before sending four more players into the game. They ran on the field and stopped them from scoring. The other team was upset. The next weekend they played them in the real game, they won it to. "Kids, you hung onto the ball and played a nice game," said the coach.

One of the running backs asked, "What was the score? I lost track of it at the end of the game."

The coach replied, "The score was 32-0. The team scored four touchdowns. That's the best game we’ve ever played."

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Published: 2006-10-14 05:01:23

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