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Westward Thanksgiving Break
Genre: Historical Fiction
By missyw
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In 1852 my family was on our way westward to California. It was late November, we were not for sure if it was actually Thanksgiving Day but we decided to celebrate anyway. We sat around on a blanket laid out on the ground to feast on a fine dinner with wild turkey, pie, rolls, corn and potatoes. This is a meal we would only have a couple times a year. Thanksgiving and Christmas were the only times such a large feast would occur.

This was a wonderful time where our family would sit together and enjoy a feast with so much food. My dad would hunt wild turkey, shuck the corn and dig a hole in the ground for baking. He would also start the fire in the ground pit. My mom would bake the bread, pies and potatoes under the ground. My brother helped our dad shuck the corn. I helped my mom in preparing the bread, pies and potatoes. This was such a wonderful time for us because it was Thanksgiving Day. I especially loved this time because of the pie. After we were finished for the meal, my mother showed my how to make toy dolls out of the cornhusks. My mother would use the turkey feathers to stuff our bedding, such as quilts and pillows. Tomorrow we would begin our journey again.

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Published: 2007-11-17 13:40:25

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