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Last Christmas Day
Genre: General
By girl5
 3.04 of 5

I really love Christmas! Above all the big family get together on Christmas Day. Let me tell you about a strange Christmas Day I had last year. We had family and friends over at my grandparent's house. Everyone received plenty of presents. When everyone was done opening their Christmas presents the kids went outside to play. It was such a cold day to be outside but we all wanted to play. We all played hide and seek, and I ran into the woods to hide.

As I was running I tripped over something kind of strange. When I got back to my feet I saw an elf right in front me! An elf with a green hat, pointy shoes and a little green vest was sitting on a log. I soon realized that he was sick, so I brought him back to my grandparents house. My grandmother almost fainted after she saw the little elf all dressed in green. She gave the elf a drink and something to eat. Soon the elf was feeling better. In a flash he was out the back door and disappeared into the woods. And that was how it was last Christmas Day.

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Published: 2007-12-03 06:23:03

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