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Mountain Pass
Genre: Adventure
By wats
 2.36 of 5

One cold winter night Megan, her parents and the family dog, Rico, left home heading to Megan's grandparent's house. They drove for several hours and started to cross a mountain pass when it started to snow. The driving conditions continue to get worse. The snow was really coming down. They couldn't see any thing in front of them.

Suddenly the car started to swerve and Megan's dad lost control of the car. They hit something and there was a lot of snow pilled on top of the car. They had slid off the roadway and into the ditch. Megan's dad guessed that they had plowed into a snowdrift along the side of the road.

Megan was very scared. Rico started to whimper a little. They knew they would be in the ditch all night. The snow continued to fall, the wind howled and they were very cold and tired from the long drive. Megan's mother had her and Rico climb over into the front seat. It was a little warmer sitting between her parents but Megan was still cold. Megan and Rico eventually fell asleep.

When they woke up it was starting to clear. They could see out the back window. Megan's dad was right they had driven into a snowdrift along the side of the road. A snowplow came by and the driver stopped to help. Everyone was really happy to him. They were going to be ok and finally warm again. It had been a long cold winter night. The man in the snowplow told Megan's father that he would send help out as soon as possible. Eventually a tow truck showed up and pulled their car out of the ditch. They were glad to be back on their way to Megan's grandparent's house.

When they arrived at their destination Megan's grandmother had a nice warm breakfast waiting for them. They were all really happy to be at their grandparent's house.

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Published: 2007-12-15 17:36:25

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