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the watchers
Genre: Realistic Fiction
By raussywatcher
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I watch them.The ones who love.The ones who lust.The ones who hate.And the ones who have deadly urges.I see a boy on the bus,who oggles a girl who hangs out with a more socialy accepted group of children,and knew her in elementary school.He began to grow somthing between them,somthing beutiful.But time,and sour,insecure children made the beuty,shrivel,into somthing pathetic,like an old man that clings to better days for comfort of new ones to come.And the girl whos presence he craves?Is naive!she is arm in arm with a some-what more attractive young man who cares nothing for her,and lusts for what her body can provide,and not of what her presence can provide.Also,in the boys eye,is a clashing mixture of hatred,that makes me miss the pitiful figure i had seen before he became aware of the situation at hand.I am a watcher.Or one of them anyway.watchers are not rejects.Why?Because we never tried to be anybody in the first place.We were shy,and herded into the same place,in the corner,trying to escape the eye of the common middle schooler.We spoke among our-selves,and made aquaintance.We were just scared sixth graders,just now exposed to the cruelties and tempations that await to "anybody thats anybody".anybody thats anybody has a girl friend.And as soon as you may become somebody,you just may be bounced back to a nobody.But the worst thing is, you have higher standards.Is love THAT worth it?no good thing lasts forever,and very soon my descreteness will come to a sad end.One chilly day,after school i was riding the bus home,and i saw,not just me,but 3 other watchers,on the bus.The lust-bucket child had apparently said somthing that the trophy girl had severley disaproved of.We drew close to the bus stop and as well did we to the conclusion of the tension between them.I live in a small town in rural america.We all began home except for the couple...and the pathetic child and us four watchers.and dont think for a second that there is only four of us.we have several,divded among the cliques.The pitty child stood from afar, as the tension rose between the couple like foam from a wine bottle.And now,the tension does not break.It explodes.The lust child starts to abuse the girl with a heavy arsenal of smacks and punches.The pitty child would not stand for this.He took a knife that he had concealed in his pants and stabbed the lust child.All four of us watchers were in the trees watching.we saw what no eighth grader should see.But,you give a man an inch,and he'll take a mile,because apparently one stab wasn't enough.He dropped to his knees an repeatedley stabbed the man,making us,horified,to an extent where you would have to share my perpective of it.And i wouldnt wish this to be seen by anybody.The girl was crying,in horror and sadness.We then began to fall from our trees.We were seen!watchers are not to be seen!We took off without pursuit.We were afraid.We could tell no one.We were truly alone in the world.We had this burden on our minds,our concience,our souls.And we grew.Tortured by the thoughts of that fateful day.


I lived.I lived life.Knowing.Thats it.And for what?To be tortured by it.But it ends today.As i stand on this chair with this rope around my neck,i have but one thing to say to everyone in the world."No good thing,lasts forever!"


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Published: 2010-02-13 22:16:03

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