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a long time ago but the shadow still remains
Genre: General
By HIStory
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okay, first you should know i didnt make this up. alright lets begin.Around the time of Noah(pre flood) there was a race called the Nephillum they were half human and half demon (atleast that's what the experts say),they were the start of every monster myth you've ever heard so they were pretty bad dudes.somehow they survived the flood and "and they were on the earth and much time there after"Gen.1:6 (or somthing like that) then about the time of Moses one of the Nephilum had a child named Anak and started a whole new race: The Anakin.Each one of the anakin was about 20-30 feet tall "had 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot" these were the giants that scared the heck out of Caleb and Moses and so forced the 40yrs in the desert. then on to the Phillistines after alot of years the anakin moved in with the phillistines and after awhile the anakin got smaller and smaller (because they were marrying phillistines) but every now and then one kid got really big. Goliath. one word says it all. goliath was about 18ft tall and (you guessed it)had 6 fingers and 6 toes.he was a seriously scary dude. but dropped like a rock at the hands of a 5ft 15 year old. there are still 12ft people in this world and people with fully working 6 fingers and toes sometimes even both. they are rare but the Anakin and the Nephillum have not died out. there are still monsters that walk the earth. but they go by different names:Vampire,Werewolf,Ghost.and some times the worst of all, human.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: i did not make any of this up but if you dont believe me check it for yourselves

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Published: 2010-07-12 23:11:27

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