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how jesus came to eath
Genre: General
By amyri
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one day a long time ago a man and woman came into the city of bethleham. There was no space in the inn so the couple stayed in a stabble with the horses goats and, sheep. the woman's name was mary she was due to have a baby and, her husband's name was joseph. over in a feid there were some sheperds caring for there sheep the bible says that they saw a brilliant star appear in the sky the moment mary's baby was born and, a ray of light appeared and with it angels singing glory glory halleluah. at the same time an angel apeared to mary and joseph aqnd said name your child jesus then he vanashed. later on three wise men broutht him gifts of gold silver and copper. that is the story about how jesus came to earth.

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Published: 2010-07-26 07:46:40

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 missyw says:  Like your story.
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