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have you no faith ?
Genre: General
By amyri
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Peter was one of the twelve disciples that followed Jesus. He was a fisherman when Jesus asked him to follow him and peter did. Peter did a lot of things and he witnessed many miracles. But he did a miracle too. He walked on water. Once, late at night Peter and the other disciples saw Jesus walking on water and they were scared. They thought he was a ghost. They did not think it was Jesus. Peter said if it is you then tell me to walk on water too. So Jesus said, "Peter come to me." Peter got out of the boat and walked, his concentration on Jesus. But then he looked at the waves and he started to sink. He cried, "Save me Lord." and Jesus said, "Have you no faith?"

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Published: 2010-07-26 09:26:45

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 lisat says:  Story rocks!
 harryharris says:  why not this props vs hunters?
 harryharris says:  or maybe that gacha life game?
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