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The Mastack Of A Mesanger
Genre: Adventure
By amyri
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Hello I am a messenger of God and my name is Jonah. You might have heard about me in the Bible, haven't you? Ok I'll tell you the story the way I saw it. It was a long time ago. I was carrying messages all over the land of Jeruselem. God came to me in a dream. He said that I was to go to Nineva because the people there were very cruel. But I was scared to go. I got on board a wonderfully big ship to travel as far away from Nineva as I could. God found me traveling in the ship and sent a great storm. The sailors on the ship did not want to throw me overboard but they did. A giant whale swallowed me and I prayed for three days and nights. Then the whale spit me out on the sand and I journeyed to Nineva. I told the people that lived there that they were doing wrong. They listened and stopped but I was not happy. I wanted God to destroy them. I sat in the sun and god had a tree grow to give me shade. Then he destroyed it the next day. I prayed and asked him why did you do this. He said "I let this tree grow and you loved it. Then I took it away and you were sad. Why do you not feel the same for this city?"

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Published: 2010-07-27 08:33:19

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