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Running Away From Home
Genre: General
By mswritter45
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Once there was a little puppy named Elvis. Elvis was a cute little black and white dog. Elvis thought his parents were being mean to him. He wanted to run away from home. Elvis's mom and dad never let him do anything by himself. One dark night after his parents had fallen asleep; he got out of bed, packed his clothes and ran away. First, he went to the city park but there was a big mean dog at the park. Elvis knew he could not stay there. Next, he went to the animal shelter but there was way to many dogs there. The animal shelter was so noisy and it really stunk. He couldn't stand it at the animal shelter, so he headed back home. His mom and dad were glad to see him and from that day on he never threatened to run away again.

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Published: 2010-12-31 14:33:43

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