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Fairy Friends
Genre: Fiction
By mswritter45
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Once upon a time, there lived a pink little fairy. She had a friend who lived on the other side of the mountain. This friend was a fairy also. She was yellow and had beautiful sparkly wings.

The pink fairy often wanted to go see her friend but could not because she lived so far away. Then one day the pink fairy decided to try to fly. She was unsure of this because she had never flown before. But, if she could fly she would be able to see her friend.

So, one day when it was really windy, she climbed to the top of a tree and jumped off. She flapped her wings but they could not keep her up very long. Robin, one of the birds that were the pink fairy’s friends saw that she was falling so she flew down and caught her. Then she got her other bird friends to help fly the pink fairy to see the yellow fairy.

After a while, they had flown the pink fairy to where her yellow fairy friend lived and they had fun all day playing in the woods. The birds also enjoyed flying in a different forest. When it was time to go, all the birds got together and took the pink fairy home.

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Published: 2011-01-07 16:18:47

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